Wilson Portrait
The altar is open and ready to accept offerings!


Willow Portrait
Why would I wanna appease the volcano? Then it wouldn't shoot fire!


Wolfgang Portrait
Wolfgang is afraid to use.


Wendy Portrait
The will of the volcano flows through this shrine!


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
What shall I present it with?


Woodie Portrait
I feel like it wants something from me.


Waxwell Portrait
Do I dare play with more forces beyond my control?


Wigfrid Portrait
I must appease the fire god that lives inside this mountain.


Webber Portrait
We can feed the hungry volcano! But what does it like to eat?


Walani Portrait
Ready to receive...


Warly Portrait
It accepts offerings, I think.


Woodlegs Portrait
Ready fer bribin'.


Volcano Altar of Snackrificeは火山内で見られる建造物です。Dry Seasonの間稼働しています。鉢の中にマグマが満たされています。他の季節では鉢の蓋は閉じています。ぼんやりと光っているので夜間はCharlieから守ってくれます。

Volcano 火山の鎮静化 編集

ここに色々なアイテムを奉納することで火山の怒りを鎮静化させることができます。アイテムによって鎮静化させる時間は違います。最大で32分 (ゲーム内では4日間)噴火を遅らせることができます。同じアイテムを複数奉納することもできますが、4日分のアイテムを奉納すると鉢の蓋は閉じてしまい、しばらく奉納できなくなります。


アイテム 時間
One True Earring 64(4日)
Doydoy Doydoy Feather Mandrake Shark Gills Eye of the Tiger Shark Orange Soda Voodoo Doll Ukulele License Plate Ancient Vase Brain Cloud Pill Toy Boat Sextant 32(2日)
Toucan Seagull Parrot Parrot Pirate Crabbit Doydoy Egg Tallbird Egg Wobster 16(1日)
Blubber Butterfly Eel Egg Fireflies Dead Dogfish Raw Fish Fish Morsel Frog Legs Ham Bat Toucan Cooked Jellyfish Dried Jellyfish Mussel Nightmare Fuel Shark Fin Trinkets 8(1/2日)
Beard Hair Bone Shards Dubloons Jet Feather Crimson Feather Azure Feather Fish Jellyfish Dead Jellyfish Limpets Meats Snakeskin 4(1/4日)
Grass Suit Log Suit Straw Roll Beefalo Wool Boards Charcoal Cut Grass Cut Reeds Rotten Egg Cloth Foliage Guano Bamboo Vine Jungle Tree Seed Lichen Living Log Log Fleshy Bulb Mushrooms Bile-Covered Slop Palm Leaf Papyrus Petals Dark Petals Pine Cone Berry Bush Item Sapling Item Grass Tuft Item Spiky Bush Item Bamboo Patch Dug Viney Bush Root Coffee Plant Dug Elephant Cactus Dug Manure Rope Spider Eggs Rot Tentacle Spots Forest Turf Twigs Pretty Parasol Tropical Parasol Hay Wall Wood Wall -8(-1/2日)
Coconade Obsidian Coconade Gunpowder Nitre Obsidian -16(-1日)

Placeholder Trivia 編集

  • The One True Earring is a reference to the Lord of the Rings. In it, the evil is conquered when the "One Ring" is cast into Mount Doom.
  • Snackrifice is a combination of words "Snack" and "Sacrifice", possibly referencing ability to sacrifice food items to the altar.

Mosquito Bugs編集

  • Any eruption delays gained by appeasing the Altar within the Volcano may be forgotten outside of the Volcano. For example, one can offer a DoyDoy Feather to delay the next eruption by 2 days, but leave the Volcano immediately to have the eruption occur within a day or less. However, any appeasement will be remembered as long as the player stays in the Volcano, ironically making it one of the safest places to be if one fears volcanic eruptions.

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