What seeds shall I sow?


Vegetable(野菜類)Don't Starveにおける食料アイテムです。無印では12種類の野菜があります。花びら葉っぱ地衣類グロウベリーも野菜に含まれます。(Reign of Giantsで2種類、Shipwreckedで2種類、Don't Starve Togetherで2種類の野菜が追加されました)

野菜を使用した調理鍋のレシピは11種類あります。(Reign of Giantsで3種類、Shipwreckedで4種類のレシピが追加されました)野菜の中でも花びら、葉っぱ、多肉植物調理済みのマンドレイク、グロウベリー、小さなグロウベリーは材料に使うことはできません。野菜は調理前より調理後の方が腐るまでの期間が短いです。(キノコトウモロコシ海藻を除く)


調理済み 乾燥棚 DLC ポイント 調理鍋の材料
CarrotCarrotRoasted CarrotRoasted CarrotN/AN/A 1
CornCornPopcornPopcornN/AN/A 1
EggplantEggplantBraised EggplantBraised EggplantN/AN/A 1
PumpkinPumpkinHot PumpkinHot PumpkinN/AN/A 1
Blue CapBlue CapCooked Blue CapCooked Blue CapN/AN/A 0.5
Green CapGreen CapCooked Green CapCooked Green CapN/AN/A 0.5
Red CapRed CapCooked Red CapCooked Red CapN/AN/A 0.5
MandrakeMandrakeCooked MandrakeCooked MandrakeN/AN/A 1
PetalsPetalsN/AN/AN/AN/A N/A×
Dark PetalsDark PetalsN/AN/AN/AN/A N/A×
FoliageFoliageN/AN/AN/AN/A N/A×
Glow BerryGlow BerryN/AN/AN/AN/A N/A×
LichenLichenN/AN/AN/AN/A 1
Cactus FleshCactus FleshCooked Cactus FleshCooked Cactus FleshN/AN/AReign of Giants icon1
Cactus FlowerCactus FlowerN/AN/AN/AN/AReign of Giants icon1
SeaweedSeaweedRoasted SeaweedRoasted SeaweedDried SeaweedDried SeaweedShipwrecked icon1
Sweet PotatoSweet PotatoCooked Sweet PotatoCooked Sweet PotatoN/AN/AShipwrecked icon1
SucculentSucculentN/AN/AN/AN/ADon't Starve Together iconN/A×
Lesser Glow BerryLesser Glow BerryN/AN/AN/AN/ADon't Starve Together iconN/A×



食料 名前 DLC HealthMeter Hunger Sanity Rot Crock Pot Priority レシピ
必要素材 かさ増し材料
Butter MuffinButter Muffin +20 +37.5 +515401 Butterfly Wings×1 Vegetables×0.5 禁止:Meats
California RollCalifornia RollShipwrecked icon +20 +37.5 +10101020 Seaweed×2 Fishes×1.0
Fish TacosFish Tacos +20 +37.5 +561010 Fishes×1.0 Corns×1
Flower SaladFlower SaladReign of Giants icon +40 +12.5 +561010 Cactus Flower×1 Vegetablesx2.0 禁止:Fruit MeatsAll EggsSweetenerTwigs
Froggle BunwichFroggle Bunwich +20 +37.5 +515401 Frog Leg×0.5 Vegetables×0.5
GuacamoleGuacamoleReign of Giants icon +20 +37.50101010 Cactus Flesh×1 Moleworm×1 禁止:Fruit
Mandrake SoupMandrake Soup +100 +150 +566010 Mandrake×1
Monster TartareMonster TartareShipwrecked icon +3 +37.5 +10102030 Monster Foods×2.0 Eggsx1.0 Vegetablesx1.0 Portable Crock Pot専用料理
Mussel BouillabaiseMussel BouillabaiseShipwrecked icon +20 +37.5 +15102030 Mussel×2 Vegetablesx2.0 Portable Crock Pot専用料理
PierogiPierogi +40 +37.5 +520205 All Eggs×1.0 Meats×0.5
PowdercakePowdercake -300187501010 Corns×1 Honey×1 Twigs×1
Pumpkin CookiesPumpkin Cookie0 +37.5 +15104010 Pumpkins×1 Sweetener×2
RatatouilleRatatouille +3 +25 +515200 Vegetables×0.5 禁止:MeatsTwigs
Spicy ChiliSpicy ChiliReign of Giants icon +20 +37.50101010 Vegetables×1.5 Meats×1.5
Stuffed EggplantStuffed Eggplant +3 +37.5 +515401 Eggplants×1 Vegetables×0.5
Sweet Potato SouffleSweet Potato SouffleShipwrecked icon +20 +37.5 +15102030 Sweet Potato×2 Eggsx2.0 Portable Crock Pot専用料理
Turkey DinnerTurkey Dinner +20 +75 +566010 Drumstick×2 Meats×0.5 (Vegetables or Fruit) ×0.5
UnagiUnagi +20 +18.8 +5101020 Eels×1 Lichen×1
肉類 Morsel (Cooked) • Meat (Cooked) • Monster Meat (Cooked) • Leafy Meat (Cooked) • Deerclops EyeballDrumstick (Fried) • Fish (Cooked) • Eel (Cooked) • Frog Legs (Cooked) • Koalefant Trunk (SteakWinter) • Jerky (SmallMonster) • Batilisk Wing(Cooked) • Guardian's Horn
(DogfishDragoon HeartEye of the Tiger SharkRaw Fish (Cooked) • Shark FinTropical Fish Shipwrecked icon)
魚介類 Fish (Cooked) • Eel (Cooked)
(CrabbitDogfishFish Morsel (Cooked) • Dead Jellyfish (CookedDried) • Limpets (Cooked) • Mussels (Cooked) • Neon Quattro (Cooked) • Pierrot Fish (Cooked) • Purple Grouper (Cooked) • Dead Rainbow Jellyfish (Cooked) • Raw Fish (Cooked) • Roe (Cooked) • Shark FinSwordfishTropical FishWobster (DeadCooked) Shipwrecked icon)
モンスターフード Durian (Extra Smelly) • Monster Meat (Cooked)
(Dead Jellyfish (CookedDried) • Dead Rainbow Jellyfish (Cooked) • Roe (Cooked)Shipwrecked icon)
動物が落とす ButterButterfly WingsEgg (Cooked) • Tallbird Egg (FriedHatching) • Honey
(Electric MilkGlommer's Goop Reign of Giants icon) (PhlegmRoyal Jelly Don't Starve Together icon) (Doydoy Egg (Fried)Shipwrecked icon)
野菜 Carrot (Roasted) • Corn (Popcorn) • Eggplant (Braised) • FoliageGlow BerryLichenMandrake (Cooked) • Pumpkin (Hot) • Red Mushroom (Cooked Red Cap) • Green Mushroom (Cooked Green Cap) • Blue Mushroom (Cooked Blue Cap) • Petals (Dark)
(Cactus Flesh (Cooked) • Cactus Flower Reign of Giants icon) (Lesser Glow Berry Don't Starve Together icon)
(Seaweed (CookedDried) • Sweet Potato (Cooked) Shipwrecked icon)
果物 Berries (Roasted) • Dragon Fruit (Prepared) • Durian (Extra Smelly) • Pomegranate (Sliced) • Banana (Cooked)
(Watermelon (Grilled) Reign of Giants icon) (Juicy Berries (Roasted) Don't Starve Together icon)
(Halved CoconutCooked CoconutCoffee Beans (Roasted) Shipwrecked icon)
乳製品 Butter • (Electric Milk Reign of Giants icon)
調理鍋 Bacon and EggsButter MuffinDragonpieFish TacosFishsticksFroggle BunwichFist Full of JamFruit MedleyHoney HamHoney NuggetsKabobsMandrake SoupMeatballsMeaty StewMonster LasagnaPierogiPowdercakePumpkin CookiesRatatouilleStuffed EggplantTaffyTurkey DinnerUnagiWafflesWet Goop
(Flower SaladGuacamoleIce CreamMelonsicleSpicy ChiliTrail Mix Reign of Giants icon) (Banana PopBisqueCalifornia RollCaviarCevicheCoffeeJelly-O PopLobster BisqueLobster DinnerSeafood GumboShark Fin SoupSurf 'n' TurfTropical Bouillabaisse Shipwrecked icon) (Fresh Fruit CrepesMonster TartareMussel BouillabaiseSweet Potato Souffle Portable Crock Pot Shipwrecked icon) (Jellybeans Don't Starve Together icon)
その他 RotRotten EggSeeds (Toasted SeedsCrop Seeds)
(Birchnut (Roasted) • Ice Reign of Giants icon) (BlubberBrainy MatterBile-Covered Slop Shipwrecked icon)