Wilson Portrait
Darn it! Darn it all to heck!


Willow Portrait
But destruction is so much more fun!


Wolfgang Portrait
Is pokey!


Wendy Portrait
Another implement for staving off the inevitable decay.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
A simple implement for domestic tasks.


Woodie Portrait
I'm pretty good at sewing.


Waxwell Portrait
A fine and noble endeavor.


Wigfrid Portrait
I am nö seamstress, but repairs are sömetimes necessary.


Webber Portrait
Mum used to handle all of our sewing.


Winona Portrait
I don't need thimbles. My hands are pure callus!


Walani Portrait
I'm not really the "sewing" kind.


Warly Portrait
Not exactly my specialty.


Woodlegs Portrait
Get me a swab ta do me sewin'.


Sewing Kit(ソーイングキット)は、耐久値の減少した衣類アイテムに使用すると一回につき5分の耐久値を回復させます。(最大耐久値、すなわち100%時の耐久値が5日以内のアイテムはその最大耐久値分まで回復します。)作成にはアルケミーエンジンが必要で、材料は8つ、ハウンドの牙2つ、丸太1つになります。ソーイングキット1つにつき5回分使用できます。



Sew prompt



アイテム名 回復量
Rabbit Earmuffs Rabbit Earmuffs 100%
Beefalo Hat Beefalo Hat 50%
Feather Hat Feather Hat 62.5%
Winter Hat Winter Hat 50%
Tam o' Shanter Tam o' Shanter 20%
Top Hat Top Hat 62.5%
Dapper Vest Dapper Vest 50%
Breezy Vest Breezy Vest 33.3%
Puffy Vest Puffy Vest 33.3%
Belt of Hunger Belt of Hunger 63%
Hibearnation Vest Hibearnation Vest Reign of Giants icon 71%
Umbrella Umbrella Reign of Giants icon Shipwrecked icon 83%
Eyebrella Eyebrella Reign of Giants icon 55.5%
Rain Hat Rain Hat Reign of Giants icon 50%
Rain Coat Rain Coat Reign of Giants icon 50%
Cat Cap Cat Cap Reign of Giants icon 50%
Summer Frest Summer Frest Reign of Giants icon 62.5%
Straw Hat Straw Hat Reign of Giants icon 100%
Thermal Stone Thermal Stone Don't Starve Together icon 100%
Bernie Bernie Don't Starve Together icon Willow Portrait 100%
Thatch Sail Thatch Sail Shipwrecked icon 100%
Cloth Sail Cloth Sail Shipwrecked icon 100%
Snakeskin Sail Snakeskin Sail Shipwrecked icon 100%
Feather Lite Sail Feather Lite Sail Shipwrecked icon 100%
Captain Hat Captain Hat Shipwrecked icon 100%
Pirate Hat Pirate Hat Shipwrecked icon 100%
Snakeskin Hat Snakeskin Hat Shipwrecked icon 62.5%
Snakeskin Jacket Snakeskin Jacket Shipwrecked icon 62.5%
Blubber Suit Blubber Suit Shipwrecked icon 62.5%
Windbreaker Windbreaker Shipwrecked icon 33.3%
Dumbrella Dumbrella Shipwrecked icon 41%
Sleek Hat Sleek Hat Shipwrecked icon 100%
Lucky Hat Lucky Hat Shipwrecked icon Woodlegs Portrait 50%

Placeholder トリビア編集

  • ソーイングキットは「The End of the Beginning」アップデートで追加されました。
  • Before the Underground update, clothing had to be removed to be repaired by the Sewing Kit.
  • Wilson's quote is actually a pun, as "darning" is a sewing technique.
  • DLCであるShipwreckedの初期では砂の城をソーイングキットで修繕できる仕様でしたが、「Seas the Day」アップデートをもってこれはバグであるとして削除されました。

Blueprint ギャラリー編集

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