Wilson Portrait
I try not to eat anything with a name.


Willow Portrait
You're a skreechy scallywag.


Wolfgang Portrait
It could maybe be friend?


Wendy Portrait
If I whispered my secrets to it, would it keep them safe?


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
I wonder if he can read?


Woodie Portrait
I'd rather not smalltalk with a birdbrain.


Waxwell Portrait
Perhaps I can shut him up.


Wigfrid Portrait
Yöu talk töö much!


Webber Portrait
As far as birds go, this one's very fashionable.


Walani Portrait
He's a squawkbuckler.


Warly Portrait
Such an amiable creature. Friends?


Woodlegs Portrait
Ack! Thet's me Polly!


Parrot PirateはShipwreckedで見られるです。海賊帽をかぶったParrotで、Sunken Boatの鳥に似ています。ゲーム開始時はMaxwellの代わりにこの鳥がプレイヤーを迎えます。

従来の鳥と同じく時折画面内に降り立ちますが、他の鳥が地上にSeedsを置く代わりにこちらはDubloonを置いていきます。またプレイヤーの近くに降り立っては冷やかしを言ってきます。Parrot Pirateの傍にいると25/分の早さでSanityが回復します。

捕らえ方は他の鳥と一緒で、種に寄って来る習性を利用してBird Trapで捕まえたり、殺さない程度のダメージを与えられる飛び道具を使えば捕まえられます。ただし、捕らえても右クリックで殺すことはできません。よってMorselFeatherを得ることはできません。ただし、そのまま火で調理することによりCooked Morselを得ることはできます。Bird Cageに入れた場合は従来の鳥と同様にを与えてにしたり作物を与えて種を作ったりできます。インベントリに入れた状態で活動していると時折Lucy the Axeのように何か話してきます。(Bird Cageに入れると話さなくなります)

Parrot PirateはIce Staff1回で凍り、Sleep Dart1回で眠ります。

Home Sign 名前 編集

Parrot Pirateにはランダムに名前がつけられています。インベントリにいる状態でマウスを重ねると名前を確認することができます。

Parrot Pirateの名前:

  • Alethea
  • Amy
  • Andrews
  • Barrett
  • Bell
  • Black Beard
  • Boxhall
  • Bride
  • Cornelius
  • Crackers
  • Cutiepie
  • Dan Van 3000
  • Danjaya
  • Donny Jepp
  • Dr Hook
  • Fleet
  • Frankie
  • Hank
  • Harrison
  • Harry
  • Iago
  • Jean Claud Van Dan
  • Jonny Dregs
  • Lightoller
  • Long John
  • Lowe
  • Migsy
  • Moody
  • Murdoch
  • Octoparrot
  • Phillips
  • Pitman
  • Pollygon
  • Reginald VelJohnson
  • Sammy
  • Scurvy
  • Smith
  • Sully
  • Trent
  • Van Dader
  • Vegetable
  • Victoire
  • Vixel
  • Wilde
  • Zoe

Gramophone セリフ編集


  • Adventure!(冒険だ!)
  • Are you sure about this?(オイ、それで合ってるのか?)
  • Goodbye!(あばよ!)
  • Land!(陸だ!)
  • Onward!(行くぜ!)
  • We made it!(いよっしゃー!)


  • Chump!(間抜け!)
  • Nice one!(はいはい凄い凄い!)
  • You stink!(くっせーなお前!)

Placeholder Trivia 編集

  • "Blackbeard" is a reference to the infamous pirate in history.
  • "Crackers" may be a reference to the phrase 'Polly wants a cracker'.
  • "Dan Van 3000" seems to be a reference to the Canadian music band Bran Van 3000.
  • "Donny Jepp" is an obvious reference to Johnny Depp, as an allusion to his character Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of The Carribeans films.
  • "Jean Claud Van Dan" is most likely a reference to the Belgian Actor Jean-Claude Van Damme.
  • The name "Pollygon" is a portmanteau of the stereotype parrot name Polly and Polygon.
  • "Scurvy" is a reference to a disease gained while at sea, which occurs due to a lack of vitamin C.
  • "Reginald VelJohnson" is a reference to the actor of the same name.
  • The name "Van Dader" is a possible reference to Darth Vader.
  • The name "Lightoller" is referencing a survivor of the Titanic, Charles Lightoller.
  • "Boxhall" also references a survivor of the Titanic.
  • The name "Iago" is a reference to the Shakespearean play, Othello, or to the character Iago, a parrot in the animated movie Aladdin.
  • The name Long John is a reference to Long John Silver, the main villain of the adventure novel Treasure Island.

Mosquito Bugs 編集

  • If the player quits the game when it is caged, loads the game again, and then harvests the birdcage, it is possible to receive a normal Parrot instead.
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