Wilson Portrait.png
It's always smart to keep an eye out.

Wilson, 青のムーンレンズを調べた場合

Willow Portrait.png
That's not an eyeball! It's a rock!

Willow, 青のムーンレンズを調べた場合

Wolfgang Portrait.png
Is small, but not crushable.

Wolfgang, 青のムーンレンズを調べた場合

Wendy Portrait.png
Such an icy gaze...

Wendy, 青のムーンレンズを調べた場合

WX-78 Portrait.png

WX-78, 青のムーンレンズを調べた場合

Wickerbottom Portrait.png
An excellent marker for group coordination.

Wickerbottom, 青のムーンレンズを調べた場合

Woodie Portrait.png
It sees all with the cold sight of the North.

Woodie, 青のムーンレンズを調べた場合

Waxwell Portrait.png
That reminds me, I must practice my cold glare tonight!

Maxwell, 青のムーンレンズを調べた場合

Wigfrid Portrait.png
Ödin's eye!

Wigfrid, 青のムーンレンズを調べた場合

Webber Portrait.png
Hey! Did anyone lose an eye?

Webber, 青のムーンレンズを調べた場合

Moonlens(ムーンレンズ)Don't Starve TogetherにおけるA New Reignで導入されたアイテムです。Telelocator Focus紫色の宝石をはめ込むのと同じような動作で窪みのある月の石宝石をはめ込むことで作成することができます。


はめ込まれた宝石の色が紫であればOcuvigil、青であればMoon Dial、オレンジであればThe Lazy Deserterの材料として使用することができます。それぞれの建造物はムーンレンズと同様に未探索プレイヤーにも確認できるため、マップの目印として機能します。

Icon Tools.png 使い方編集

Inventory slot background.pngPurple Moonlens.pngInventory slot background.png Compass.pngInventory slot background.pngBoards.pngInventory slot background.pngBoards.pngPrestihatitator.pngInventory slot background.pngOcuvigil.png
Inventory slot background.pngBlue Moonlens.pngInventory slot background.png Moon Rock.pngInventory slot background.png Moon Rock.pngInventory slot background.pngIce.pngInventory slot background.pngIce.pngPrestihatitator.pngInventory slot background.pngMoon Dial.png
Inventory slot background.pngOrange Moonlens.pngInventory slot background.png Desert Stone.pngInventory slot background.pngCut Stone.pngInventory slot background.pngCut Stone.pngInventory slot background.pngCut Stone.pngBlueprint (rare).pngInventory slot background.pngThe Lazy Deserter.png

Placeholder.png トリビア編集

Blueprint.png ギャラリー編集

Icon Tools.png
Axe (Luxury Axe) • Pickaxe (Opulent Pickaxe) • Shovel (Regal Shovel) • PitchforkHammerRazor
(Feather PencilSaddleWar SaddleGlossamer SaddleBrushSaddlehornSalt Lick Don't Starve Together icon.png) (Machete (Luxury Machete) Shipwrecked icon.png)
Icon Light.png
CampfireFire PitTorchMiner HatPumpkin LanternLantern
(Endothermic FireEndothermic Fire PitMoggles Reign of Giants icon.png) (GlowcapMushlightWillow's Lighter Don't Starve Together icon.png) (ChimineaBottle LanternObsidian Fire PitBoat TorchBoat Lantern Shipwrecked icon.png)
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Nautical Shipwrecked icon.png
Lucky HatThe 'Sea Legs'SurfboardLog RaftRaftRow BoatCargo BoatArmored BoatBoat Repair KitThatch SailCloth SailSnakeskin SailFeather Lite SailIron WindBoat CannonSea TrapTrawl NetSpyglassSuper SpyglassCaptain HatPirate HatLife JacketBuoy
Icon Survival.png
TrapBird TrapCompassBackpackPiggybackThermal StoneHealing SalveHoney PoulticeStraw RollFur RollTentUmbrellaBug NetFishing Rod
(Pretty ParasolLuxury Fan Insulated PackSiesta Lean-to Reign of Giants icon.png) (Telltale HeartBooster ShotWater BalloonWhirly FanBerniePile o' BalloonsBundling WrapCandy BagGift Wrap Don't Starve Together icon.png) (Chef PouchSilly Monkey BallTropical ParasolAnti VenomThatch PackPalm Leaf HutTropical FanSea SackDoydoy Nest Shipwrecked icon.png)
Icon Food.png
Basic FarmImproved FarmBee BoxDrying RackCrock PotIce Box
(Bucket-o-poop Reign of Giants icon.png) (Mushroom Planter Don't Starve Together icon.png) (Mussel Stick Shipwrecked icon.png)
Icon Science.png
Science MachineAlchemy EngineDivining RodThermal MeasurerRainometerGunpowderLightning Rod
(Ice FlingomaticElectrical Doodad Reign of Giants icon.png) (Cartographer's DeskPotter's Wheel Don't Starve Together icon.png) (Ice Maker 3000 Shipwrecked icon.png)
Icon Fight.png
SpearHam BatGrass SuitLog SuitMarble SuitFootball HelmetSleep DartFire DartBlow DartBoomerangBee MineTooth Trap
(Battle HelmBattle SpearMorning StarWeather PainScalemail Reign of Giants icon.png) (Electric DartTail o' Three Cats Don't Starve Together icon.png) (Poison SpearSeashell SuitLimestone SuitCactus ArmorHorned HelmetPoison DartCoconadeSpear GunCutlass Supreme Shipwrecked icon.png)
Icon Build.png
ChestSignHay WallWood WallStone WallPig HouseRabbit HutchBirdcageFlooring (CobblestonesWooden FlooringCheckerboard FlooringCarpeted Flooring) • Potted Fern
(Scaled ChestSpider Eggs Reign of Giants icon.png) (Directional SignMini SignEnd TableFriendly ScarecrowMoon Rock WallScaled FlooringScaled FurnaceWardrobeWood FenceWood GatePotted SucculentFestive Tree PlanterGobbler Shrine Don't Starve Together icon.png) (Limestone WallWildbore HousePrime Ape HutSand BagSand CastleDragoon DenSnakeskin Rug Shipwrecked icon.png)
Icon Refine.png
RopeBoardsCut StonePapyrusNightmare FuelPurple Gem
(Cratered MoonrockMarble BeanThick FurBeeswaxWax Paper Don't Starve Together icon.png) (ClothLimestoneGold NuggetIceEmpty Bottle Shipwrecked icon.png)
Icon Magic.png
Meat EffigyPrestihatitatorShadow ManipulatorPan FluteOne-man BandNight LightNight ArmorDark SwordBat BatLife Giving AmuletChilled AmuletNightmare AmuletFire StaffIce StaffTelelocator StaffTelelocator FocusBelt of Hunger
(Old Bell Reign of Giants icon.png) (OcuvigilAbigail's FlowerMoondialThe Lazy Deserter Don't Starve Together icon.png) (PiratihatitatorDripple PipesSeaworthy Shipwrecked icon.png)
Icon Dress.png
Sewing KitGarlandRabbit EarmuffsStraw HatBeefalo HatBeekeeper HatFeather HatBush HatWinter HatTop HatWalking CaneDapper VestBreezy VestPuffy Vest
(Fashion MelonIce CubeSummer FrestFloral ShirtCat CapRain CoatHibearnation VestRain HatEyebrella Reign of Giants icon.png) (Fashion GogglesDesert GogglesBlue FuncapGreen FuncapRed Funcap Don't Starve Together icon.png) (Brain of ThoughtShark Tooth CrownSnakeskin HatSnakeskin JacketDumbrellaBlubber SuitWindbreakerParticulate PurifierSleek Hat Shipwrecked icon.png)
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Birds of the WorldApplied HorticultureSleepytime StoriesThe End is NighOn Tentacles
(Joy of Volcanology Shipwrecked icon.png)
Ancient Pseudoscience Station.png
ThuleciteThulecite WallThulecite MedallionThe Lazy ForagerMagiluminescenceConstruction AmuletThe Lazy ExplorerStar Caller's StaffDeconstruction StaffPick/AxeThulecite CrownThulecite SuitThulecite ClubHoundius Shootius
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Volcanic Shipwrecked icon.png
Obsidian MacheteObsidian AxeObsidian SpearVolcano StaffObsidian ArmorObsidian CoconadeHowling ConchSail Stick
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Shadow Don't Starve Together icon.png
Codex UmbraShadow LoggerShadow MinerShadow DiggerShadow Duelist
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Cartography Don't Starve Together icon.png
Map Scroll