All work and no play makes me want to chop some trees.(勉強ばかりで遊んでいないと木を切りたくなるわ)

Lucy the Axe

Lucy the Axe(斧のルーシー)Woodieがゲーム開始時から持っているWoodie固有のアイテムです。Lucyは耐久度が無限であり、他のAxeより半分のチョップ回数で木を切り倒すことが出来ます。Woodieの妄想かどうかは分かりませんが、Lucyは自分やWoodieの状況に反応し、喋ります。装備したときのLucyの'I missed you(会いたかったわ)'という台詞から、Woodieが彼の斧に愛着を持っているのは確かなようです。

Lucy はWoodieに木を切り倒すように囃し立てますが、Werebeaverに変身する直前になると逆に落ち着かせようとします。







  • Whether Lucy is speaking in real life or not is, as of yet, unknown. There has been plenty of speculation on the matter, ranging from Insanity, to curses, to past relationships.
  • Lucy is the first item that can speak and has distinct lines, not just sound effects like the Living Log.
  • Lucy can be used as a melee weapon, however she deals only half the damage of the regular axes.
  • When playing Adventure Mode, Lucy will not use a slot in the Teleportato. She will appear in Woodie's inventory after arriving in the new world.
  • When Woodie examines Lucy, he says "I love Lucy!", a reference to the sitcom "I Love Lucy".
  • Lucy's line, "All work and no play makes me want to chop trees", is a reference to Shining.


  • 静止中
    • "There must be some trees around here..."
    • "Hey, let's go chop some trees"
    • "All work and no play makes me want to chop trees"
    • "Chop chop chop. Heh."
    • "Woodie! Chop some trees!"
    • "Let's chop some trees!"
  • When put in a chest:
    • "It's dark in here!"
  • When dropped on the ground:
    • "You'll come back, right?"
    • "What did I say?"
    • "I... I don't understand..."
    • "Can we talk about this?"
    • "Don't forget about me!"
  • When selected:
    • "Did you miss me?"
    • "You came back!"
    • "I missed you so much!"
  • While chopping a tree:
    • "Slow down! It's just a tree!"
    • "Calm down! It's just a tree!"
  • When approaching transformation:
    • "Don't cut too fast! You know what will happen."
    • "You might want to slow down a bit."
    • "Woodie? Can you hear me?"
    • "Your teeth are growing!"
    • "Watch out! You're going to turn!
  • After chopping a tree:
    • "Death to all trees!"
    • "Nice swing!"
    • "Wooooo!"
    • "This is AWESOME!"
    • "Too easy!"
    • "Again! Let's chop another!"
    • "Nom nom nom!"
    • "Stupid tree!"
    • "Beat to death all trees!"
    • "We did it!"
    • "Are you OK?
    • "Careful, you're getting yourself worked up!"
  • When Woodie transforms:
    • "It happens again!"
    • "The Curse!"
    • "I warned you."
  • When left behind in a dropped backpack(Chester is considered a backpack):
    • "I'm scared!"
    • "I hate it in here!"