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  1. Pig King豚王のいるPigの集落へ行く
  2. 集落の近くに蜘蛛の巣を設置する
  3. Pig豚とSpider蜘蛛が戦い始めるので落としたMeatMonster Meatモンスターの肉を拾う
  4. 肉はそのまま豚王へ、モンスターの肉は調理し焼いて鳥籠の鳥に与えEggにして豚王へ
  5. Gold Nugget金塊ザックザク
  6. ステップ3へ





  • Any weapon (Spear or Tentacle Spike are best but others may work, boomerang ect...)
  • Football helmet (optional but recommended)
  • Bird trap unlock
  • Spider nests/eggs
  • Twigs
  • Seeds (optional)
  • Honey production (optional)


  1. Locate a pig village with a king.
  2. Plant spider eggs near the village.
  3. Startle spiders and let the pigs kill them, loot dead spiders.
  4. Craft and set bird traps, and hunt birds, using seeds will enhance the process.
  5. Give morsels to the pig king and collect gold nuggets.
  6. Cook monster meat.
  7. Use or research gold nuggets and cooked monster meat.
  8. Go to step 3, or 2.
  9. {Kill pigs, give their meat to pig king, go to step 9. Don't die.}


  • Since honey is great for healing, the player can eat cooked monster meat with honey and stay healthy.
  • Silk is required for bird traps, the player will be able to get crafting materials for bird traps from spiders.
  • Gold nuggets, cooked monster meat, and bird feathers give 15, 7, and 5 research points, respectively.
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