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Oooh oOooh. OoOOh?

–Ghost Player

ゴーストプレイヤーまたはゴーストキャラクターは、Don't Starve Togetherでプレーヤーが死ぬと出現します。あたりを飛び回ってオブジェクトに憑依することができます。ゴーストプレイヤーはTouch StoneMeat EffigyLife Giving Amuletで復活できます。



Endlessモードでは、全プレイヤーがゴーストになってもゲームは継続します。ゴーストプレイヤーは Jury-Rigged Portalで最大体力値のペナルティと引き換えに復活できます。


憑依は、対象によってさまざまな効果を及ぼします。例えば、物を燃やしたり、アイテムを動かしたり、TreeTreeguardに変えたり、FlowerEvil Flowerに変化させます。憑依したあと数秒間は、同じ物体に再度憑依することはできません。


Beneficial Special Effects編集

  • Graves have a 50% chance of spawning a Ghost which will follow the player ghost indefinitely. Only one ghost per grave per ghost player can be obtained at a time.
  • Suspicious tracks will be investigated.
  • Hounds have a 50% chance of changing type, randomly fire or ice (they will never convert to normal hounds); they will panic after conversion.
  • Mushrooms (in the ground) have a 25% chance of changing to another mushroom color, and a 6.7% chance of catching fire.
  • Pig Torches will receive fuel and spawn a Guardian Pig if one is not already out.
  • Pigs (including Guardian Pigs) have a 25% chance of transforming into Werepigs. Post-transformation, they are stuck in a panic state permanently (this may be unintended).
  • Flowers have a 50% chance of becoming Evil Flowers, and Petals have a 50% chance of being converted to Dark Petals (and a 25% chance of having spoilage increased 30%). Note that this will reduce the stack size to 1 (this may be a bug).
  • Picked mushrooms have a 10% chance of changing color and a 25% chance of having spoilage increased 30%. Note that this will reduce the stack size to 1 (this may be a bug).
  • Books have a 25% chance of being read without reducing durability.
  • Abigail will be angered briefly.
  • Chilled Amulets have a 25% chance of chilling all nearby creatures by 0.67 (Ice Staffs chill by 1).
  • Ice Staffs have a 10% chance of chilling all nearby creatures by 1.
  • The Lazy Forager has a 25% chance of picking up a nearby item and giving it to the player ghost (this may no longer be intended).
  • Blow Darts (all types) and Boomerangs have a 50% chance of firing at the nearest player or creature.
  • Blueprints have a 50% chance of teaching the ghost player a random crafting recipe they don't know.
  • Mosquitoes have a 25% chance of exploding.
  • Rock Lobsters have a 25% chance of instantly gaining 500 seconds worth of growth.
  • Telelocator Staffs have a 10% chance of going off on the nearest non-player-ghost creature.
  • Star Caller's Staffs have a 10% chance of producing a star nearby.
  • Deconstruction Staffs have a 10% chance of deconstructing the nearest craftable structure or item.
  • The Lazy Explorer has a 25% chance of teleporting the nearest non-player-ghost creature a short distance.
  • The Pile o' Balloons will blow a new balloon.
  • Beehives, Killer Bee Hives, Hound Mounds, Rundown Houses, Splumonkey Pods, and Spider Dens have a 50% chance of sending out Killer Bee, Hounds, Merms, Splumonkeys, or Spiders to attack the nearest creature. Tier 3 Spider Dens also have a 10% chance of spawning into a Spider Queen.
  • Campfires have a 25% chance of receiving 7.5 seconds of fuel.
  • Fire Pits have a 10% chance of receiving 15 seconds fuel.
  • Evergreens have a 3.3% chance of turning into Treeguards.
  • One-man Bands play (and allow the ghost to acquire Pig followers) for a few seconds.
  • Crops will grow as if fertilized by Rot.
  • Rabbit Holes and Moleworm Burrows will release a Rabbit or Moleworm if it has one inside.
  • Tooth Traps have a 75% chance of being reset.
  • Spiders will always drop a Spider Gland upon death.
  • Moleworms will peek out of the ground.

Harmful Special Effects編集

  • Balloons will explode.
  • Ashes will disappear.
  • Farms will lose some fertilization.
  • Stars (produced by the Star Caller's Staff) will be extinguished.
  • Telelocator Focus pedestals have a 10% chance of destroying their Purple Gem.
  • Tooth Traps have a 50% chance of triggering on a very nearby creature.
  • Night Lights have a 50% chance of being extinguished, and a 50% chance of being hit as if by a Hammer.
  • Bee Mines have a 10% chance of going off.
  • Crock Pots, if cooking, will change product to Wet Goop.
  • Large Meats (all forms) have a 25% chance of converting to the corresponding Monster Meat form. (e.g. Jerky into Monster Jerky)
  • Beefalo Horns and Pan Flutes have a 50% chance of losing one use (it will not actually blow the horn).
  • Willow's Lighter and Fire Staffs have a 10% chance of igniting all nearby combustibles.
  • Lureplants will hide their bait.
  • Lanterns have a 75% chance of being fully depleted.
  • Chester, Chests, Ice Boxes, and players have a 25% chance of dropping the first item in their inventory. Chests and Ice Boxes also have a 6.7% and 10% chance (respectively) of being hit as if by a Hammer.
  • Backpacks (all types) get launched and have a 25% chance of dropping the first item inside.
  • Spider Queens and Vargs have a 25% chance of producing minions (by pooping and howling, respectively).
  • Houndius Shootius (after being placed) has a 50% chance of being frozen.
  • Bees have a 50% chance of being turned into Killer Bees.

Non-functional Special Effects編集

  • Beefalo will attempt to spawn a baby after they are done panicking. However, this will most likely fail because Baby Beefalo can only spawn offscreen, and the player ghost is present.
  • Splumonkeys will also attempt to spawn a new Splumonkey. This will also fail for the same reason.
  • Ewecus will also attempt to spawn another Ewecus. This may be leftover from copying the Beefalo prefab.
  • The Codex Umbra has a 25% chance of being read by the haunting ghost, even if the ghost player's character could not normally read it, although this will fail because the ghost cannot have Nightmare Fuel in its inventory (unless they managed to acquire it by haunting the lazy forager).
  • Berry Bushes will get rustled (this does not produce Gobblers).
  • The Pig King will reject your advances.



  • Abigail's Flower.png Abigail's Flower
  • Football Helmet.png Armor
  • Blueprint.png Blueprint
  • Icon Book.png Books
  • Eye Bone.png Eye Bone
  • Codex Umbra.png Codex Umbra
  • Compass.png Compass
  • Cut Stone.png Cut Stone
  • Deerclops Eyeball.png Deerclops Eyeball
  • Icon Dress.png Dress
  • Houndius Shootius.png Houndius Shootius (before being placed)
  • Healing Salve.png Healing Salve
  • Honeycomb.png Honeycomb
  • Beefalo Horn.png Beefalo Horn
  • Booster Shot.png Booster Shot
  • Willow's Lighter.png Willow's Lighter
  • Lucy the Axe.png Lucy the Axe
  • Guardian's Horn.png Guardian's Horn
  • Icon Fight.png Melee Weapons
  • Nightmare Fuel.png Nightmare Fuel
  • Pan Flute.png Pan Flute
  • Phlegm.png Phlegm
  • Telltale Heart.png Telltale Heart
  • Icon Tools.png Tools
  • Sewing Kit.png Sewing Kit
  • Silk.png Silk
  • Stinger.png Stinger
  • Tallbird Egg.png Tallbird Egg
  • Crank Thing.png Things
  • Trap.png Trap (whether or not it has a creature inside)
  • Stone Wall.png Walls (before being placed)
  • Walrus Tusk.png Walrus Tusk

Launched and Smash編集


  • Rocks.png Minerals
  • Gears.png Gears
  • Hound's Tooth.png Hound's Tooth
  • Gnome.png Gravedigger Items



研究施設 (Science MachineAlchemy EnginePrestihatitatorShadow Manipulator)は含まれないことに注意。

  • Bee Box.png Bee Box
  • Birdcage.png Birdcage
  • Boulder.png Boulders (all types)
  • Broken clockworks.png Broken Clockworks
  • Crock Pot.png Crock Pot
  • Fire Pit.png Fire Pit (only 50% chance)
  • Harp Statue.png Harp Statue
  • Lightning Rod.png Lightning Rod
  • Marble Pillar.png Marble Pillar
  • Marble Tree.png Marble Tree
  • Pig House.png Pig House
  • Potted Fern.png Potted Fern
  • Rabbit Hutch.png Rabbit Hutch
  • Rainometer.png Rainometer
  • Home Sign.png Sign
  • Telelocator Focus.png Telelocator Focus
  • Tent.png Tent
  • Thermal Measurer.png Winterometer
  • Evergreen.png Trees (all types, including Totally Normal Trees)
  • Stone Wall.png Walls (after being placed)
  • Pig Head.png Pig Head (only a 25% chance; the rest of the time, they open their eyes as if on a full moon)
  • Merm Head.png Merm Head (only a 25% chance; the rest of the time, they open their eyes as if on a full moon)



  • Berry Bush.png Berry Bush
  • Eyeplant.png Eyeplant
  • Evil Flower.png Evil Flower
  • Fern1.png Fern
  • Grass Tuft.png Grass Tuft
  • Lichen.png Lichen
  • Lureplant.png Lureplant
  • Pine Cone.png Pine Cone (after being planted)
  • Reeds.png Reeds
  • Spiky Bush.png Spiky Bush
  • Sapling.png Sapling
  • Evergreen.png Trees (Spiky Trees and Totally Normal Trees only have a 3.3% chance of catching fire, except their stumps, which have the normal 6.7% chance)
  • Treeguard.png Treeguard

Launch and Ignite編集


  • Beard Hair.png Beard Hair
  • Straw Roll.png Bed Rolls (both types)
  • Berry Bush Item.png Berry Bush (after being dug up)
  • Beefalo Wool.png Beefalo Wool
  • Boards.png Boards
  • Charcoal.png Charcoal
  • Cut Grass.png Cut Grass
  • Cut Reeds.png Cut Reeds
  • Rotten Egg.png Rotten Egg
  • Crimson Feather.png Feathers (all types)
  • Fleshy Bulb.png Fleshy Bulb (before being placed)
  • Foliage.png Foliage
  • Grass Tuft Item.png Grass Tuft (after being dug up)
  • Guano.png Guano
  • Gunpowder.png Gunpowder
  • Light Bulb.png Light Bulb
  • Log.png Log
  • Living Log.png Living Log
  • Bunny Puff.png Bunny Puff
  • Mosquito Sack.png Mosquito Sack
  • Papyrus.png Papyrus
  • Pig Skin.png Pig Skin
  • Pine Cone.png Pine Cone (before being planted)
  • Manure.png Manure
  • Spiky Bush Item.png Spiky Bush (after being dug up)
  • Rope.png Rope
  • Sapling Item.png Sapling (after being dug up)
  • Spider Eggs.png Spider Eggs
  • Spider Gland.png Spider Gland
  • Steel Wool.png Steel Wool
  • Tentacle Spots.png Tentacle Spots
  • Forest Turf.png Turfs (all types)
  • Twigs.png Twigs

Launch and Rot編集


  • Butter
  • Butterfly wings
  • Cut lichen
  • Eel
  • Egg
  • Fish
  • Frog legs
  • Ham bat
  • Garland
  • Honey
  • Meat (all types)
  • All crock pot foods (they also have a 3.3% chance of catching fire)
  • Pumpkin lantern
  • Seeds
  • Tallbird egg (if cooked)
  • Koalefant trunks
  • Crops


これらのクリーチャーは、憑依すると数秒間パニックを起こして駆け回る。 争いは中断される。


  • Beefalo (including babies)
  • Batalisk
  • Butterfly (and a 10% chance of catching fire, which they spread quite effectively)
  • Killer Bee
  • Chester
  • Clockworks
  • Bunnyman
  • Frog
  • Koalefants
  • Merm
  • Splumonkey
  • Mosquito
  • Pengull
  • Gobbler
  • Pig
  • Rabbit
  • Rock Lobster
  • Ewecus
  • Spiders (except the queen)
  • Tallbird (including younger forms)
  • MacTusk and Wee MacTusk

Best to haunt編集


Placeholder.png トリビア 編集

  • WX-78 and Woodie's ghosts were made to resemble R2-D2 and Chewbacca from the Star Wars films.
  • Wendy's ghost is an almost exact horizontally flipped copy of Abigail. The only difference is the color of the flower, which is yellow.
  • Ghost Characters are slowed down by Sticky Webbing, despite their presumably ethereal forms.
  • As a Ghost, the player does not update the Map while exploring unknown areas.

Blueprint.png ギャラリー 編集