How did it turn in to a pie...(どうやってパイになったんだ?)


Dragonpie(ドラゴンパイ)Crock Potで作れる果物系食料です。

Crock Potに1つ以上の生のDragon Fruit肉類(Meats)以外のものを入れれば作れます。

Dragon Fruitさえあれば簡単に作れる割にHealth、Hunger共に優秀な回復量を誇ります。肝心のDragon Fruitがややレアですが。

Mandrakeを入れるとMandrake Soupに、肉を入れるとMeatballsになってしまう点に注意。 また、空きスロットをHoneyで埋めるとTaffyが、EggplantならStuffed EggplantDragonpieと半々の確率で完成します。

材料 編集

  • 必須: Dragon Fruit.pngPrepared Dragon Fruit.png
  • 不可: Meats.png

レシピ 編集

Inventory slot background.pngDragon Fruit.pngInventory slot background.png Filler.pngInventory slot background.png Filler.pngInventory slot background.png Filler.pngCrock Pot.pngInventory slot background.pngDragonpie.png肉類(Meats)は厳禁

レシピ例 編集


Inventory slot background.pngDragon Fruit.pngInventory slot background.png Twigs.pngInventory slot background.pngTwigs.pngInventory slot background.pngTwigs.pngCrock Pot.pngInventory slot background.pngDragonpie.png
Inventory slot background.pngDragon Fruit.pngInventory slot background.png Berries.pngInventory slot background.pngBerries.pngInventory slot background.pngBerries.pngCrock Pot.pngInventory slot background.pngDragonpie.png

TabTools.png 用途編集

Inventory slot background.pngDragonpie.pngPig Icon.pngInventory slot background.pngManure.png
肉類 Morsel (Cooked) • Meat (Cooked) • Monster Meat (Cooked) • Leafy Meat (Cooked) • Deerclops EyeballDrumstick (Fried) • Fish (Cooked) • Eel (Cooked) • Frog Legs (Cooked) • Koalefant Trunk (SteakWinter) • Jerky (SmallMonster) • Batilisk Wing(Cooked) • Guardian's Horn
(DogfishEye of the Tiger SharkRaw Fish (Cooked) • Shark FinTropical Fish Shipwrecked icon.png)
魚介類 Fish (Cooked) • Eel (Cooked)
(CrabbitDogfishFish Morsel (Cooked) • Jellyfish (DeadCookedDried) • Limpets (Cooked) • Mussels (Cooked) • Raw Fish (Cooked) • Shark FinSwordfishTropical FishWobster (DeadCooked) Shipwrecked icon.png)
モンスター食材 Durian (Extra Smelly) • Monster Meat (Cooked) (Jellyfish (DeadCookedDried)Shipwrecked icon.png)
動物が落とす ButterButterfly WingsEgg (Cooked) • Tallbird Egg (FriedHatching) • Honey
(Electric MilkGlommer's Goop Reign of Giants icon.png) (PhlegmRoyal Jelly Don't Starve Together icon.png) (Doydoy Egg (Fried)Shipwrecked icon.png)
野菜 Carrot (Roasted) • Corn (Popcorn) • Eggplant (Braised) • FoliageGlow BerryLichenMandrake (Cooked) • Pumpkin (Hot) • Red Mushroom (Cooked Red Cap) • Green Mushroom (Cooked Green Cap) • Blue Mushroom (Cooked Blue Cap) • Petals (Dark)
(Cactus Flesh (Cooked) • Cactus Flower Reign of Giants icon.png) (Lesser Glow Berry Don't Starve Together icon.png)
(Seaweed (CookedDried) • Sweet Potato (Cooked) Shipwrecked icon.png)
果物 Berries (Roasted) • Dragon Fruit (Prepared) • Durian (Extra Smelly) • Pomegranate (Sliced) • Banana (Cooked)
(Watermelon (Grilled) Reign of Giants icon.png) (Juicy Berries (Roasted) Don't Starve Together icon.png)
(Halved CoconutCooked CoconutCoffee Beans (Roasted) Shipwrecked icon.png)
乳製品 Butter • (Electric Milk Reign of Giants icon.png)
調理鍋 Bacon and EggsButter MuffinDragonpieFish TacosFishsticksFroggle BunwichFist Full of JamFruit MedleyHoney HamHoney NuggetsKabobsMandrake SoupMeatballsMeaty StewMonster LasagnaPierogiPowdercakePumpkin CookiesRatatouilleStuffed EggplantTaffyTurkey DinnerUnagiWafflesWet Goop
(Flower SaladGuacamoleIce CreamMelonsicleSpicy ChiliTrail Mix Reign of Giants icon.png)
(Banana PopBisqueCalifornia RollCevicheCoffeeJelly-O PopLobster BisqueLobster DinnerSeafood GumboShark Fin SoupSurf 'n' Turf Shipwrecked icon.png)
(Fresh Fruit CrepesMonster TartareMussel BouillabaiseSweet Potato Souffle Portable Crock Pot.png Shipwrecked icon.png)(Jellybeans Don't Starve Together icon.png)
その他 RotRotten EggSeeds (Toasted SeedsCrop Seeds)
(Birchnut (Roasted) • Ice Reign of Giants icon.png) (BlubberBrainy MatterBile-Covered Slop Shipwrecked icon.png)