Does dirt normally move around?


デプスワーム(Depths Worm)洞窟遺跡にいる敵対的な生き物です。プレイヤーに接触していない場合、収穫可能なアイテムとして疑似餌を出して地中に隠れているか、肉を食べるために姿を現しています。プレイヤーが疑似餌に近づくと、姿を現して攻撃してきます。この間もワームの胴体部分は地中に隠れたままです。


通常の攻撃力を持ったキャラクターであれば、サイズに寄りますが、Spearなら27発、Bat Batなら22発、Tentacle Spikeなら18発、Ham BatThulecite Clubなら16発、Dark Swordなら14発で倒せます。 デプスワームは氷の杖で凍らせることは出来ませんが、少し動きが止まります。


  • While underground, Depth Worms will rarely trigger Tooth Traps, making them a poor defensive option when facing multiple Worms. Bee Mines on the other hand will do wonders. Five or six of them will be enough to deal with a worm.
  • Pigs and Bunnyman will ensure a safe place from the worms as the pigs and bunnies will attack them on sight. The bigger the waves are the more houses and hutches you will need though. Giving protective helmets to them will make them more efficient.
  • Rock Lobsters are the best option to deal with worms. A sizable herd will make quick work of worm waves even when they're at their maximum size. The lobsters don't need to be at their maximum size - small ones will work too.
  • If timed just right, a whack as the worm emerges from the ground will cause it to wince and retreat underground without attacking, though it will soon rise and try again. As long as the player keeps moving around, one can deal with 1-2 worms this way.
  • Depth Worms drop 4 Monster Meats apiece, meaning that a wave of 6 worms can leave you with 24. If you are lucky enough to find a pond in a cave, this vast quantity of Monster Meat can be used to cook 12 Fish Sticks for each wave.

Placeholder トリビア 編集

  • The striations and coloration are similar to that of the Sandworms from the Beetlejuice cartoon series.
  • Their lure is very similar to the lure of female Anglerfish in real life.
  • During the Nightmare phase of the Ruins, the pinkish purple segments of the worm's fur will become a glowing red.
  • The worm was added in the Six Feet Under update.

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