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Check it out!


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It's a pony!


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Horsey horse!


Wendy Portrait.png
A cold, soulless horse.


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An automatic equine.


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Maxwell's own mounted police.


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Such quality workmanship!


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I sense battle!


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Wow! That's complicated clockwork.


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He looks like he could use a nap.


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A tricky cheval!


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クロックワークナイト(The Clockwork Knight)は、"A Little Rain Must Fall"アップデートで導入されたモンスターです。Wooden Thingを守る形に配置されています。氷の杖 2発で凍ります。通常の攻撃力を持ったキャラクターであれば、Spear なら9発、Bat Batなら8発、それ以上の武器なら6発、ダークソードなら5発で倒せます。倒すと歯車を2つドロップします。


彼らの主な目的はWooden Thingを守ることです。普段は寝ていますが、生物が近づくと起きて相手を凝視し、さらに近づくとばねじかけの首を使って頭突きをしてきます。ナイトはジャンプしながら近付いてきます。パターンを見きれば、相手の隙をついて1~3回攻撃するのは容易いでしょう。ナイトはリスポンしません。

Spear.png 狩猟 編集

A recommended way to kill Knights is by kiting them. When in groups, it is recommended to separate one from the rest of the group, killing it, then separating another. As they usually do their battle cry before attempting to attack again, players may find it effective to attack a Knight while it is doing this, then backing away as soon as it tries to headbutt the player.

Befriending at least 5 Pigs can easily kill all the Knights and other chess monsters around the Wooden Thing. Alternatively, the attacks of the Clockwork Rook will damage the other chess monsters. With a bit of timing and luck, you can use the Rook to destroy the other chess monsters. When trying to kill a Knight for its Gears, do not use fire. A death by fire will cause it to drop Ashes instead.

Below is the number of hits it takes with each weapon to kill Clockwork Knights when playing with characters with a default damage modifier. The Weather Pain is not included due to the random nature of its projectile.

Weapon Fishing Rod.pngBug Net.png Lucy the Axe.png Shovel.png Pitchfork.png

Hammer.png Torch.png Umbrella.png

Walking Cane.png Willow's Lighter.png

Axe.png Pickaxe.png

Luxury Axe.png Opulent Pickaxe.png


PickSlashAxe.png Spear.png Bat Bat.png Ham Bat.png Morning Star.png Tentacle Spike.png Battle Spear.png

Thulecite Club.png Fire Dart.png

Fire Staff.png Slurtle Slime.png

Tooth Trap.pngDark Sword.png Blow Dart.png Gunpowder.png Old Bell.png
No. of hits for
Clockwork Knight.png Damaged Knight.png
71 23 18 12 10 9 8 6-11 5 or 7 6 5 3 2 1

Placeholder.png トリビア編集

  • The Clockwork Knight was introduced in the A Little Rain Must Fall update.
  • It is entirely possible Maxwell repaired the robots from the ruins and brought them to the surface. This may mean that all clockwork machines are made by the Ancient Civilization, and not Maxwell. Further proof to this is that the Clockwork Robots seem to instinctively obey whatever repairs/makes them, thus explaining why the machines are loyal to Maxwell.

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