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Wilson Portrait
Back off, preacherman!


Willow Portrait
It's a bishop!


Wolfgang Portrait


Wendy Portrait
What does he pray for?


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
A clockwork clergyman.


Woodie Portrait
It's been a while since my last confession.


Waxwell Portrait
I'm especially proud of that piece.


Wigfrid Portrait
This öne needs a gööd smack.


Webber Portrait
You don't play by the chess rules grandpa taught me.


Walani Portrait
Don't get any bright ideas.


Warly Portrait
You don't strike me as particularly spiritual.


Woodlegs Portrait
Ye need a squirt o'oil mate, yer joints arrre squeakin'.


クロックワークビショップ(Clockwork Bishop)は攻撃的なモブです。Wooden Thingの周りで会うことができます。倒すと ギア紫ジェムを落とします。アドベンチャーモードマクスウェルの石像を壊しても現れます。

Brain 行動 編集

Wooden Thingの周りで眠りについてますが、近づくと目を覚まし攻撃してきます。プレイヤー以外のものも近づけば攻撃します。攻撃は目からライトニングボルトを飛ばしてきます。

Spear 狩猟 編集

Wes trapped

2 Bishops and 2 Clockwork Knights surround a trapped Wes.

クロックワークビショップはなかなかの強敵です。ちゃんと装備を揃えてから挑みましょう。ブタを連れて先に戦わせれば囮くらいにはなってくれます。遠くからからブーメランを飛ばすのも有効です。 氷の杖 で凍らしてからで攻撃するのも良いでしょう。しかしこの戦い方はダメージを受けます。


Another tactic to kill the Bishop is to lead all other mobs away, then use a Log Suit and Spear and hold down the attack button until it is dead, although this will cost the player a good amount of health, so it is only recommended to use this method when there is a decent amount of healing items in the player's immediate possession.

Below is the number of hits it takes with each weapon to kill Clockwork Bishops when playing with characters with a default damage modifier. The Weather Pain is not included due to the random nature of its projectile.

Weapon Fishing RodBug Net Lucy the Axe Shovel Pitchfork

Hammer Torch Umbrella

Walking Cane Willow's Lighter

Axe Pickaxe

Luxury Axe Opulent Pickaxe


PickSlashAxe Spear Bat Bat Ham Bat Morning Star Tentacle Spike Battle Spear

Thulecite Club Fire Dart

Fire Staff Slurtle Slime

Tooth TrapDark Sword Blow Dart Gunpowder Old Bell
No. of hits for
Clockwork Bishop Damaged bishop
71 23 18 12 10 9 8 6-11 5 or 7 6 5 3 2 1

Placeholder トリビア 編集

  • It is entirely possible Maxwell repaired the robots from the ruins and brought them to the surface. This may mean that all clockwork machines are made by the Ancient Civilization, and not Maxwell. Further proof to this is that the Clockwork Robots seem to instinctively obey whatever repairs/makes them, thus explaining why the machines are loyal to Maxwell.

Blueprint ギャラリー編集

敵対モンスター BatiliskCave SpiderClockwork Bishop (Damaged Bishop) • Clockwork Rook (Damaged Rook) • Clockwork Knight (Damaged Knight) • Dangling Depth DwellerDepths WormFrogGuardian PigGhostShadow CreatureHound (Red HoundBlue Hound) • Killer BeeLureplantMacTuskMermMosquitoSpiderSpider WarriorSpitterTallbirdTentacle (Big TentacleBaby Tentacle) • Wee MacTusk
(BirchnutterPoison Birchnut TreeVarg Reign of Giants icon) (Clay HoundClay VargEwecusGem DeerGrumble BeeLavaeShadow Pieces Don't Starve Together icon) (Crocodog (Blue CrocodogYellow Crocodog) • DragoonFloaty Boaty KnightFlupPoison MosquitoSnakePoison SnakeSea HoundSpider Warrior (Venomous)Stink RaySwordfishWhite Whale Shipwrecked icon)
ボスモンスター Ancient GuardianDeerclopsSpider QueenTreeguard
(BeargerDragonflyMoose/Goose Reign of Giants icon) (Bee QueenKlausReanimated SkeletonToadstool Don't Starve Together icon) (Palm TreeguardQuackenSealnadoTiger Shark Shipwrecked icon)
中立な動物 BeeBeefaloBunnyman (Beardlord) • KoalefantKrampusPengullPig (Werepig) • Rock LobsterSnurtleSlurtleSmallish TallbirdSplumonkey
(BuzzardCatcoonMoslingVolt Goat Reign of Giants icon) (Blue WhaleBottlenose BallphinPrime ApeWater BeefaloWildboreShipwrecked icon)
消極的な動物 Baby BeefaloButterflyChesterCrowGobblerMandrakeRabbit (Beardling) • RedbirdSmallbirdSnowbird
(GlommerMoleworm Reign of Giants icon) (CanaryCrittersExtra-Adorable LavaeGrass GekkoHutchNo-Eyed DeerWoven Shadow Don't Starve Together icon) (CormorantCrabbitDogfishDoydoyFishermermJellyfishPackim BaggimsParrotParrot PirateRainbow JellyfishSeagullSealSharkittenToucanWobster Shipwrecked icon)
その他 AbigailCharlieMaxwellPig King
(AntlionBernie Don't Starve Together icon) (Yaarctopus Shipwrecked icon)
The Forge Don't Starve Together icon Battlemaster PugnaBoarillaCrocommanderGrand Forge BoarriorMagma GolemPit PigScorpeonSnortoise
The Gorge Don't Starve Together icon BillyMumsyOld BeefaloPebble CrabPigeonPiptonSammySwamp PigSwamp Pig Elder