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Wilson Portrait
Gah! More spiders!


Willow Portrait
What a frustrating jerk!


Wolfgang Portrait
Is scared spider!


Wendy Portrait
A cowardly spider.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
An arachnid with a thick carapace.


Woodie Portrait
Tricky devil!


Waxwell Portrait
It's a tricky one.


Wigfrid Portrait
I'll smash yöu!


Webber Portrait


Walani Portrait
I see you over there!


Warly Portrait
A spider that turtles!


Woodlegs Portrait
Infernal spiders!


洞窟蜘蛛(Cave Spiders)は洞窟に住む蜘蛛であり、甲殻類のような殻に閉じこもってダメージから身を守ることができます。SpilagmiteからSpitterと共に出現します。赤い大きな一つ目を持ち、口をあけており、頭が殻になっています。

Cave Spiders are a Cave-dwelling type of Spider which have a shell-like carapace which they can close to hide and protect themselves from damage. They spawn from Spilagmites along with Spitters. They have one large red eye and a gaping maw with the shell making up their 'head'. Like the Spitter, Cave Spiders will emit low pitched roars, as opposed to the other spiders high pitched gurgling growls.

Reign of Giants iconReign of Giants 編集

In the Reign of Giants DLC, Cave Spiders are neutral to and can be befriended with Meats by Webber.

Spear Hunting 編集

Cave Spiders differ from other Spiders because of their shell-armor. After two hits, they will close up the shell which absorbs 75% of damage. After a few seconds, they will open their shell and begin to attack again, at which point they are vulnerable. These Spiders can be stunlocked while they are out of the shell and will stay inside as long as they are being attacked, which means they are relatively easy to kill with patience.

Cave Spiders will follow the character when wearing the Spiderhat. However, caution must be taken as the combination of the Spiderhat and multiple spider followers can drastically decrease Sanity, which can be difficult to manage since it is always considered Night underground. Also, it is important to watch the Spiderhat's durability level as the Cave Spiders and Spitters will become hostile when it runs out.

Below is the number of hits it takes with each weapon to kill Cave Spiders when playing with characters with a default damage modifier. The Weather Pain is not included due to the random nature of its projectile.

Weapon Fishing RodBug Net Lucy the Axe Shovel Pitchfork

Hammer Torch Umbrella

Walking Cane Willow's Lighter

Axe Pickaxe

Luxury Axe Opulent Pickaxe



Fire Dart Fire Staff

Bat Bat Ham Bat Morning Star Tentacle Spike Battle Spear

Thulecite Club Dark Sword

Tooth Trap Slurtle Slime

Blow Dart GunpowderOld Bell
No. of hits for
Cave Spider
36 12 9 6 5 4 3-6 3 or 4 3 2 1

Prototype Tips編集

  • Be aware that Spilagmites will also spawn Spitters. Spilagmites can be mined to keep the spiders from respawning.
  • Wolfgang can easily kill Cave Spiders with 3 hits from a Spear or 2 hits from a Tentacle Spike or Dark Sword. Dealing with Cave Spiders (as well as many other enemies) as a Werebeaver means one bite does the same damage as a hit from a Tentacle Spike.
  • It is recommended that players equip a Miner Hat while fighting these creatures. It allows the player to see other mobs that might be attacking. Alternatively dropping one or more Lanterns in the area you're fighting is also effective, or better still aim to fight in an area that's already lit up naturally (e.g. by Light Flowers).
  • Bunnymen are hostile to Cave Spiders and other underground monsters. It is therefore useful to lure Cave Spiders into Bunnyman villages.
  • Cave Spiders will attack Rock Lobsters on sight, which will almost always end with a Cave Spider loss because an average Rock Lobster can easily kill a Cave Spider in few hits without much damage to itself.

Blueprint ギャラリー 編集

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