Wilson Portrait
But I don't have chopsticks.


Willow Portrait
Oh, goody. Fish rolled in seaweed.


Wolfgang Portrait
Get in Wolfgang's stomach!


Wendy Portrait
Crabbit, dressed up in a seaweed jacket.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
Delicious makizushi.


Woodie Portrait
I feel like a regular Vancouverite.


Waxwell Portrait
We meet again, crabbit.


Wigfrid Portrait
That's just a mörsel öf fish fööd.


Webber Portrait
Hmm, something smells fishy about this!


Walani Portrait
I could eat a boat load of that stuff.


Warly Portrait
Classic Japanese fusion!


Woodlegs Portrait
Them be fancy fish treats.


California Roll(カリフォルニアロール)Shipwreckedで追加された調理鍋のレシピです。作成には1ポイント分の魚介類調理されていない海藻、残りはかさ増し材料が必要です。食べると37.5Hunger10Sanity20HealthMeter回復します。

魚介類にShark FinをいれるとShark Fin Soupに、Wobsterをいれてかさ増し材料にもしくはバターを入れるとそれぞれLobster BisqueもしくはLobster Dinnerになります。

 必要素材 編集

  • 必須:Fishes Crock Pot
  • 必須:Seaweed

TabScience レシピ 編集

Inventory slot backgroundFishesInventory slot background SeaweedInventory slot background SeaweedInventory slot backgroundFillerCrock PotInventory slot backgroundCalifornia Roll


Inventory slot backgroundLimpetsInventory slot background LimpetsInventory slot backgroundSeaweedInventory slot backgroundSeaweedCrock PotInventory slot backgroundCalifornia Roll
Inventory slot backgroundCooked JellyfishInventory slot background SeaweedInventory slot backgroundSeaweedInventory slot backgroundTwigsCrock PotInventory slot backgroundCalifornia Roll

Dubloons 使い方 編集

Inventory slot backgroundCalifornia RollYaarctopus IconInventory slot backgroundThatch Sail

Placeholder トリビア 編集

  • California Roll was invented to popularize sushi in North America. To become appetizing for people who did not like seeing seaweed, it is prepared "inside out", where the seaweed is inside and the rice is outside of the roll. However, the in-game image for California Roll has the seaweed outside, indicating it is not actually California Roll.

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